Board of Directors. Immediately, I imagine a group of stern, grey haired folks, sitting around a heavy wooden table and talking with solemn animation about “the plight of the arts”. Legally, a nonprofit needs a Board of Directors. Usually it’s an elite bunch of folks who are wealthy, prestigious, well connected or all three, who are willing to use their assets to serve the nonprofit. They sit on the Board as a way to give back to the community, to be involved with a the arts, or simply because it’s the cool thing to do.

vîv is about re-creation. We seek new ways of operating that are more suited to this remarkable moment in time. We want to know--can we create a Board of Protectors - a community of supporters who are our people?

You are our friends. You are good at what you do. You want to live in a world that is fair and full of life. You know things that we don’t know. You have thoughts about art that you don’t always share. You are creative in thousands of ways each day. We want You to be on our Board.

What would it be like to be on our Board? We’d ask you out for coffee or a picnic and sit and chat about anything and everything. We’d occasionally ask you for advice and opinions. You’d get free tickets to all of our performances and invitations to all of our parties. You’d commit to giving vîv $10 each month. We’d send you a token of our thanks--a hip Tshirt or a box of artsy notecards. We’d inspire one another.

We choose a financial commitment of $10 per month because it’s an amount that everyone I know on a first-name basis could agree to contribute, if they choose to. It’s a fancy cocktail--or a Netflix membership (and there’s isn’t much on Watch-Instantly these days anyway…) It’s an hour of studio space to make art in. It’s an hour of a professional dancer’s time. It’s significant and also infinitely possible.

We are all confronted with the inequality of our world on a daily basis and we do what we can to live well and help one another. I am always moved by stories of people who are organizing to make change. For vîv, dance is our way of making the world more bright and worthwhile. While we cannot stop gentrification or end war, we can create a space where equality is the norm--where anyone can be deeply involved in a community of artists, thinkers and doers...

To get on-board (haha), send us a line or give us a call 323 240 0224.