PEER Practices Day #1

My dreams began to come true, today. Dancing felt /great/ today. My body felt strong My heart was bright and alive. My eyes were open--I could see and feel! How extraordinary and wonderful.

It was such a pleasure to be with folks working together and sharing their knowledge and excellence! Working one-one-one was as successful and energizing as I had hoped. For instance, in one duo exercise, Virginia gave me some feedback that was super helpful: that my neck was stuck in flexion during almost all of our floor material. A habit revealed! I may never have known or noticed on my own, but with her help I connected again to my full range.

The question that I’m left with, after today, is “What makes a dancer dance well?”

To me, good dancing is FULLY embodying an idea. I want to see a dancer (and be a dancer) completely occupying their body--totally conscious.

Today in our rush to create a camaraderie and joyful peership, we might have trended towards tossing off our movement--fun and casual rather than fun, casual and full.

Certainly fun and full are possible at the same time--but what motivates that fullness other than Teacher/Choreographer asking Student/Dancer to dance “better”? And how does a leader/participant need to show up to bring that energy?

Can we reawaken our own desire for Personal Mastery? Do we get off on dancing fully and consciously even when no one sees, or when we're dancing for one another?