PEER Practices Day #2

PEER Practices Day 2 Well THAT was fun.

If every class this summer is as fun as today, I will be satisfied. :)

Today, I noticed a deep qualitative difference between my experience of a good-old-fashioned dance class and this thing that we’re doing.

Part of it might be that I’m leading this class, but I don’t think that that accounts for the entirety of the difference.

This peer experience is more fragmented, and that lets in more room for ME to be present in my own dancing. Oftentimes in class, I feel like it’s just me and the teacher in the room--and sometimes more of the teacher than of me. Of course there are other folks around and I sometimes watch them and try to learn from their bodies, but the teacher is really the prime attraction.

When I remember this class, I’m met with a sea of different faces and different bodies, and my own presence in the mix is stronger as well. I danced the hell out of that last phrase; I inhabited it and played inside of it far more than I usually can. Perhaps this collaborative approach does let in more of my artist-self than a regular dance class!

Also--experiment #1 with bringing fullness to movement was a partial success. I gave the prompt to take 60 seconds with one of our warm-up phrases and finesse it like it was going to be performed. Folks really expanded the movement and honed in on details, which was great, but I think that the movement itself was still a bit too new and not yet fully embodied.

The adventure continues...