Wildcard! Disorienteering with Virginia

PP #3

Virginia destroyed our phrase.  Hallelujah!

Sam and I made such a lovely, clear movement chunk for last week's class.  Every step and shape considered, down to the details.  And then Virginia just went in there and turned it upside down--literally.  Every shapely move was blown into a full body, off center force--and it was awesome.  Not only was it incredibly fun to do, but it also revealed a lot about my habits in making and learning movement.  I tend to analyze movement, see line and shape and feel weight and then bring it into my body methodically.  Virginia barely gave us any time with her version and just tossed us out into the space to do it, but she was so welcoming that I didn’t feel afraid to just get out there and try it.  REALLY--it’s not that I had to conquer my feer of looking like fool--I actually did not feel that fear--way to be, Virginia!  How freeing!  Left me space to actually experience the chaos, and it was pleasurable.  In fact, I wished I could have done it a couple more times--wild and free and confused.  But no doubt each time I returned to it I would have formalized and calculated more.  Mystery is so elusive!  Something for further inquiry.