sslllooOOOWww down

PEER Practice #4

i want to dance more fully
i want to create a space where my peers can learn to dance more fully
i am arguing with my own agenda--clarify clarify clarify is my passion and what I desire to do for the peeps around me--more awareness, more choice, less happenstance.  but is that necessarily everyone’s goal?  

my inclination is that we need to simplify--we’re missing those simple movements that help me get into my body--my love of plies has not much to do with the plies themselves--it’s the simplicity as a way of entering--we need to start so slow to get into our bodies--practically sneak up on ourselves.  that’s where the habits are revealed.

so when i look at the structure that sam and i are working with, i wonder--if we’re trying to dance better, would we be better served to slow down at the beginning of our class and use some simple set material (like laban or dowd’s work) to get inside?  i love improvisation and it's a wonderful way to get warm, but it does little to help me change my habits at this point in my life as an improvisor.

and there’s just so little time!  i wish we had 3 hours, rather than just 2!  i think my solution will have to be showing up early to do the things that my body needs and desires, just like so many other dancers.