I'm in love with AW!

PEER Practices Day #6

I had a revelation this morning!

It was about 11:45--the time in dance class when my energy usually hits the floor.  If it were ballet class I might just skip the jumping and go home. Alison “hot-legs” Williams was wildcarding, and she had us reversing the phrase--not my favorite.  Subconsciously, I’m debating how to engage, whether I’m going to give my all or take it easy, and the thought arises:

Of course I’m gonna stay and do this thing as well as I can--of course I am--I love Alison.

WOW!  That’s not usually what motivates me to dance.  

In class, sometimes i’m motivated by

Lust - I want to be the best dancer and the only way to do that is practice so I’ll stay

Greed - I paid for this class and I’d better get the most out of it

Pride - I’m here in front of everyone and I need to show them that I’m a fierce dancer

Sloth - Well, I’m already here so I may as well just finish the damn thing

Just missing envy and gluttony from our deadly sins list.  ; )

But LOVE?!?  What a new experience.  There are times when curiosity and love for dance can no longer carry me through, and if love can get me the rest of the way, I’m a happy woman.  I think I dance better when I’m in love with my time dancing and in love with all the people around me.