new tools

we added a couple of new tools to our toolbox today.
hands on!  in our exploration of slowing down and speeding up, we did an adagio (only one high leg) and that gave us some time to touch one another.  up to this point, much of our duo work has been through verbal exchange,  we've done lots of talking about what we're working on and dancing next to one another, but touch hasn't been explicitly involved.  now that i've experienced it, it's hard to understand why we've waited til the third week to try it!  having a chitty and colin's hands on me helped me FEEL where it is that I set myself arbitrary limitations and where my "blind spots" are.
eye contact!  we've worked with it a little bit, but it was totally magnificent in our across-the-floor jumping.  almost everyone looks down while they're jumping--such a strange habit--and that tendency is even more exaggerated when we speed up the tempo.  we posted a person at the edge of the space who basically acted as the eye-contact monitor--calling folks' names when they were looking at the floor.  i felt lighter when I was dancing with them, rather than letting my heavy head keep me low to the ground.
[also--today was the first day that I was really able to relax.  hallelujah!  i've been organizing and teaching and otherwise trying to manage everything--but today I felt a little bit more settled and enjoyed the experience thoroughly.]