PP where?

blog has slowed down, as blogs do, but it feels like an excellent moment to take stock.

where are with, with this peer practicing?

well--i'm learning.  i'm  still learning so much.  it's incredible.  went to take Rachael Lincolcn's wonderful class today and I could feel how much I have changed as a result of this practice this summer.

last month was the month of habits.  sloooowing down.  talking a lot.  too much?  getting in deep.  and i learned things about my dancing and changed things about my dancing.  saw a few places that my perception is limited and took some action.  specific things, like twisting my twists to their twistiest and feeling the up-space as well as the out space.  dance nerd things.

and where does the leave me?  more skilled, perhaps.

but also hungry.  hungry to return to that other side of dancing, the wild side, if you will.  

and we're going there.  yesterday was awesome.  we ROCKED it, by the end of our time together. 

is there anything more healing or necessary than a class where you can truly rock out?  the class was small (but I promised myself in my terror at the beginning of this summer that as long as folks were there, I'd be there and I'd save the darkness for after class.  and I've done okay with that, I think) and yesterday that was an asset--because I felt like I was ripping up the space.  I was changing the space, I was changing my world just by dancing.  

a rare feeling for many reasons:
in most classes, i don't have space to go that wild.  
in most classes, i feel a bit shy--I haven't been setup from start to finish to trust myself and not worry and take on my own texture.


and NEW TOOL ALERT singing!  singing while dancing.  it all started with Lisa--she had us making conversation while  improvising and while doing set material.  and i wasn't sure if my dancing was more awesome or less awesome, but i DID notice that when i started to talk about crying and sadness, I experienced a shift that i recognized--a shift from feeling like my movement was pleasurable but arbitrary architecture to that heartfull feeling (that is best described with poetry).  new tools.  new dancing.

YES to continuing to learn and feel curious.
YES to these last few weeks of summer being just as rich as the first ones.