magic - we've got it

OUROBOROS(8) premiered last weekend!  It was wonderful to finally share the dance we’ve worked so hard on, and the piece itself felt very different from other work I’ve done.  This dance, born out of vîv’s collective desire, financed through the generosity of our friends and supporters, and made by one of my bucket-list choreographers has some magic in it.


My brilliant, non-dancer friend Lieva had this to say about it, “I’ve never before seen more than two people feel like one organism.  Even as I was experiencing it, I had no idea how it was being done.  It felt like you were propriocepting each other--all your interactions were more like a body interacting with itself than another body.”


How did we create that collective consciousness?  OUROBOROS(8) sources imagery of the snake eating its own tail--how did we as a group become that snake so fully?


The structure of our process is a huge factor.  For those of you who are new to vîv, the short story is that rather than waiting for our dream dance job, vîv decide to take action and commission the work that we want to perform.  That simple shift of power changed so much!  


I personally feel so much love and admiration for all of the other dancers in vîv.  My heart bursts when I see them onstage, powerful and complicated and beautiful.  Without the need to prove myself to a choreographer, without the fear of getting laid off if I’m not the best, I can truly admire the people I’m in the room without reservation.  That admiration and love turns into a really extraordinary way of dancing WITH each other--of seeing each other and making space for each other rather than competing with one another.  It created a noticeably more magical dance.

And of course, working with Kathleen was exceptional.  As we were heading onstage, she said to us “there is no perfection that you’re missing--you are perfection.”  In all my years as a performer, I have never been sent onstage without a few last corrections...until now.  The full hearted sureness was transformative.  As vîv dancer Hallie noted, “What makes Kathleen so exceptional is that she is so fiercely herself.”  And that’s what she wanted from us--ourselves onstage, performing this ritual of transformation, this dance of constant change and the shedding of old ways of being and doing.