MIX Spotlight! Rosemary Hannon

Here's an enlightening session with another of our three choreographers, Rosemary Hannon, also presenting a new work at our home season MIX!

photo by Chani Bockwinkel

photo by Chani Bockwinkel

Q: What makes you excited about this collaboration?

A: I'm inspired by vîv's initiative in changing the power structure for dancers. I'm also excited to work with these experienced, thoughtful dancers. I am always interested in collaborative processes where the work is created by the group together in the room. I love the vîv dancers' openness to inquiry.

Q: If you could MIX two animals together to have as a pet, what would it be and why?

A: It would have to be a dog-ape -- human's best friend with our nearest relative. The communication potential would be fascinating.

vîv presents MIX at Dance Mission Theater, SF, October 23-25.

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