Mission Statement

vîv is a collaborative of women challenging the status quo by making a dancer-empowered, joyful and sustainable life in dance.


Artistic Statement

Dancers are people, not paint. We are more than just moving sculptures and more than just bodies. We are intelligent, 4 dimensional, multi-faceted and many-layered. We hold unending resource to embody and express.  We have minds that think and wonder and imagine, hearts that break and burst and soar, spirits that dream and manifest and inspire. We are our own masterpiece. We have volumes of stories to tell, and we tell them with limbs and lips and hips. And we’ve only just begun.

We create our own opportunities. We are the choice-makers. We claim the role of administrator, organizer, creator, collaborator, teacher, performer. We build a community of equanimity and horizontal distribution of power.  We reimagine how we practice and train together, how we create work together, and how we build community. We dance together, and our dance is real, virtuosic, personal, beautiful, raw, strong, abstract and storied. We value the body in its fullest expressive form, and all the richness this expression can contribute to our world. We discover and share new methods of collaboration and making art.



Yes to virtuosity.
Yes to full expression and embodiment.
Yes to self-determination.
Yes to new, inclusive models of learning, teaching, and making dance.
Yes to collaboration and equanimity.
Yes to sweat and hard work and the raw beauty of effort.
Yes to joy and laughter in the midst of work.
Yes to seeing and being seen.
Yes to re-imagining life in dance.