Peer Practices 2016 - A Sanctuary for Obsession
Tuesdays 10:00am - 12:00pm
February 23rd - May 31
at 1601 18th Street, West Oakland

Check out our Peer Practice Facebook Page (here) for updates each week!


vîv is pumped to get Peer Practices going again now at Bandaloop! A weekly meeting of the body-minds, a space to get obsessed, try try fail and try again together.
The first couple of weeks will be facilitated by vîvers and then open to all of you! If you would like to lead a practice, come to a class and then we can get you on the schedule.

All practices are pay what you can, all funds go to the facilitator, WE'D PREFER YOU OVER MONEY.

Peer Practices 2013

We believe that it’s important to train together.

Our class, PEER Practices, blows apart the teacher-student dynamic... working as peers we satisfy the adult dancers’ desire for autonomy!

-We’re in a unique position to uncover our true appetite for dance-

          What motivates us to work once the desire to impress our esteemed elders is out of the equation?

Perhaps the satisfaction of refining our skills, or of exploring our habits through movement, or simply the kinesthetic pleasure of dancing is enough. This way of training supports maturing as an artist–instead of waiting for instruction, work in dyads will encourage everyone to more actively participate.


We’re incredibly lucky to have the chance to put our theories to the test.  Each iteration of PEER Practices is a bit different, and ongoing experiment to serve the needs of Bay Area dancers.  Another great gift is mentorship from Kathleen Hermesdorf and la Alternativa–we’re researching teaching with and expert guide.